How Much Do Online Fitness Plans Cost?

How Much Do Online Fitness Plans Cost?

Rule number one of Born Fitness Coaching is that you must not advertise it. Since I first started instructing others online, this has been my go-to method. There's a straightforward explanation: I shouldn't have to advertise if I'm doing my job well.

And that's what I've been doing for well over a decade. I offer virtual mentoring through my website and have been keeping a waiting list for the past six years. As a result, I've made some wonderful friends and had the privilege of playing a role in people's physical and mental evolutions and improved health.

Break the mold of secrecy

See, most people talk about something other than money in online fitness. There is a wide range of causes, with marketing playing a significant role. Charles patiently waited as I explained my plan, wondering how to answer his burning question. Even though Charles waited on the waiting list and scheduled a free consultation call, he still thought I would be too expensive and was very frustrated. It is not the first time I've heard something like that from a customer.

We hadn't shared pricing because we wanted to avoid cost being a factor. Our ideal candidates are dedicated workers who will put in the time and effort necessary to achieve their goals.

True, though. We strive each year to offer some of the most affordable rates in the industry of online mentoring without compromising on the quality of service we provide. We collaborate with elite fitness professionals and nutritionists to develop cutting-edge programs for the best possible outcomes. I have a system to guarantee a client-focused approach and prevent my personal preferences from coloring my assessment of their needs.

What's the Price of Online Fitness and Diet Plans?

With a 6-month commitment, Born Fitness Coaching costs $249 per month and $1,999 for the entire year. All the tools you'll need to get in shape are included a customized workout and diet plan, access to a coach seven days a week for guidance and support, and regular program updates.

Compared to the typical industry range of $449 to $1,000 per month, this is a significant discount when dealing with individuals (as opposed to group plans). In regard to pricing, I am not here to pass judgment. There are not many excellent trainers out there doing valuable work. However, our group has a unique model.

At Born Fitness, we don't offer cookie-cutter programs. Everything, instead, is tailored specifically to your needs, preferences, and routine. Because of our dedication to quality and individualization, we have assisted over a thousand people in achieving their ideal body composition.

How frequently do you open online coaching?

Some of our customers complete the program and leave once they have achieved their objectives. That means openings occur regularly, every couple of weeks. However, you will only be considered if you have previously applied for a coaching position. You should use it immediately if you want to be first in line. That's because the newest openings can never be reclaimed once filled.

Click here to find out if this program is a good fit for you and if you can start working with us immediately. We've done everything possible to keep the cost of our coaching minimum while still providing you with the individualized attention you deserve. It's risk-free to get started, too.

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