Note To Self Fuck The Haters

Note To Self Fuck The Haters

A natural method of gauging progress is expansion. More improvement is considered positive if it exceeds earlier levels of achievement. It's impossible to use the word "accomplishment" without making some reference to the past. What if development depended on something other than effort or noticeable gains?

What if improving meant simply experiencing happiness, calmness, or clarity right now? Developing these characteristics is more about introspection than output, about pampering oneself rather than outdoing one's rivals.

It's Time To Play Chess

I will always tell you to take the best care of yourself, including being physically active. That's why it's motivating to see many other fitness professionals attempting to do what we've done and make more workouts available to the public. The negative side of an adaptable mindset is all too real, though. Trying your best is different from saying, "I have to get better no matter what."

I've also witnessed far too much victim shaming regarding people's time and difficulties. You don't have to become the epitome of physical fitness just because we're in lockdown. Alternatively, you could eat healthier than you do now. This mindset is helpful at all times, not just during the lockdown. Sometimes it's better to play chess than checkers when dealing with life's challenges.

There is No Wrong Move

Keep your energy up by prioritizing the little things that make you happy, getting rid of the things that deplete you (as much as possible), and taking care of yourself so that you don't sink.

The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I had a conversation. It is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man. He's the same guy who used to work out for five or six hours every day. He agrees that you need to change with the times and enjoy the little victories you may have overlooked.

When he underwent open-heart surgery, he didn't have the same high hopes that drove his other accomplishments. Although he was working toward a perfect end, he had to start by adjusting to and dealing with the here and now.

It meant training to use a walker independently. After that, I walked 100 steps. The next step is independent walking. He had more to look forward to and feel proud of with each new "milestone." Remember that this was coming from a guy who could once squat over 500 pounds, and now he thought using a walker was impressive. It wasn't the norm, but it had to be done.

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