About Us

Sky-Athletes is a global leading online fitness retailer with a wide selection of supplements with the highest quality of ingredients and fitness eBooks. We deliver unmatched customer service, practical material supported by research, and the most cutting-edge goods in the market, all designed to motivate you to go beyond your physical limitations and attain maximum health. We also want to provide a comprehensive selection of fitness courses that fit a variety of target markets and their budgets. You would love to have an experience by following our wide range of fitness courses:

  • 12-week muscle build gym + nutrition plan
  • 12-week muscle build body weight + nutrition plan
  • 12 weeks weight loss + nutrition plan
  • 12 weeks fitness expander workout + nutrition plan
  • 1 cookbook with 80 recipes perfect for fitness
  • Whey protein
  • Vegan protein
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Fat burner
  • Pre-workout
  • BCAA
  • Testosterone booster
  • Zinc

Enjoy your shopping experience at Sky-Athletes and follow up on our fitness app with a workout plan, step counter heart frequent measuring, nutrition Barcode scanner, running track Planer and record, and many more features.

Founders of Sky-Athletes

The Sky-Athletes venture is a collective effort of the team but the driving force of Patrick Reich made the reach of our products possible. Our team is proud to have a passionate and dedicated face. Patrick Reich is a trained sportsman who knows the intricacies and needs of the fitness world to the fullest. His learned persona will surely win your trust

A Ph.D. student in sports/neuroscience with M.A. in Prevention and Health Management Personnel and Rehabilitation Trainer. He is an EXOS Performance Specialist as well as DOSB Athletic Trainer. He has a track record of having commendable performance in Global Speed as a Speed Coach, Consultant for the German Football Association, and Special Forces Sports Training in Germany (SEK & GSG9). He is a Winner of the Turkish Super Cup Final on 06.08.2017 in the final against Besiktas Istanbul which adds a feather to the cap of Sky-Athletes.